US Ceiling Corp expands beyond interior construction; new development arm USC selected as part of Bull’s Head revitalization project team

M/WBE firm continues to build capacity and relationships with community transformation project in Rochester’s key historic neighborhood—the 19th Ward.

WEBSTER, N.Y., June 11, 2021— US Ceiling Corp, an award-winning commercial, multifamily and residential interior subcontracting firm, today announced that its new development arm—USC—is partnering with The Dawson Company, Brinshore Development and Shift Capital to work on the City of Rochester’s Bull’s Head Revitalization Project.

“I am thrilled to celebrate our 20th year in business by continuing to expand our service offerings and taking part in a project that [literally] hits close to home,” says US Ceiling Corp/USC President Melissa Geska. “As a young girl growing up in the 19th Ward, I couldn’t have dreamed of a more significant or perfect opportunity to help transform the area of the City that is nearest and dearest to my heart. And the fact that I am partnering with other former ‘kids of the Ward’ and others who have a passion for social impact real estate development makes it that much more special. I truly believe our team coming together to work on Bull’s Head is providence.”

Geska credits her desire to help communities build economic self-reliance to her parents, particularly her late father, a Jamaican immigrant who moved to Rochester with $16 in his pocket and an entrepreneurial spirit. It was through his example of hard work and building enduring community relationships and successful retail and construction-related businesses that she developed an interest to follow in his footsteps.

“I think construction, servant leadership and community is in my DNA,” says Geska. “We are standing on the precipice of something extraordinary and I believe the City is ripe and ready to not only restore Bull’s Head to its former glory, but take it to the next level.”

About US Ceiling Corp

Founded in 2001, US Ceiling Corp ( is a NYS Certified M/WDBE subcontracting firm that offers extensive experience in commercial, multifamily and residential interior construction, including acoustical ceilings and drywall; insulation and air barrier systems; metal stud and wood framing; finished carpentry and general trades. The Webster, N.Y.-based firm’s consistent stability and growth stem from the hard work and dedication demonstrated across its expanding footprint, allowing a broad reach of services for local and out-of-town projects. With an unwavering commitment to diversify the construction industry, US Ceiling Corp aims to empower the Rochester community and partners with like-minded organizations, including the Urban League of Rochester’s YouthBuild Program, to provide skilled trades training and employment opportunities.

About USC

Formally launched in 2020, USC ( is the development, general contracting and construction management arm of US Ceiling Corp., a NYS Certified M/WDBE subcontracting firm that offers extensive experience in commercial, multifamily and residential interior construction. With a strong focus on social impact real estate development, USC aims to create inclusive and equitable communities that thrive.


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